My Newest Project

If you happen to follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen the pictures I’ve been posting of little 3×3 squares of knitting. Kind of like this one:

That’s just 6 of the 14 I did for that one color. I have five colors to go. Ahem.

I’m makingĀ  a blanket for Little Bear, because every time I worked on a blanket for a pregnant friend, he’d run up to me and say, “Banket!” and try to steal it. It was ridiculously adorable.

I just don’t quite know what got into my head when it came to doing this particular blanket. It’s 81 3×3 squares. And then I have to sew them all together. This is, by far, the most difficult project I’ve done to date. Don’t get me wrong. The squares are incredibly easy to do, and now that I’m focusing on this project instead of trying to do it and Butter’s scarf at the same time, I’m flying through them.

Eventually, when I have those 81 squares done, I have to lay them out in a pattern. This is the pattern suggested. [though they also suggest using 9 squares of 3 of the yarns, and 18 of the other 3. I altered it because apparently that’s just how I do things.]

The arrows indicate which way the stitching on the square should be facing.

This is going to either be the most fun I’ve had so far with knitting, or it’s going to drive me to drink.

Wish me luck.

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