I Don’t Know Who Cried Harder

Last night, I had A Time getting Little Bear to sleep.

He hasn’t been sleeping well at all. Friday night we were at our friends’ house and because there was So! Much! Going! On! he didn’t get to sleep until we got home between 10:00 and 10:30. Saturday, he refused to nap. Sunday, we went back to our friends’ because Miss ME had a birthday party. He didn’t nap that day, either. Sunday night, M and I were treated to going to bed any time we wanted to, because my in laws [thank you, thank you, thank you, GrandMom & PopPop!] kept the boys overnight.

Monday night, LB went to bed around 7:30, got up at 9:00 and was up until 1:30. He got back up at 3:30 and I think M finally got him back down around 5:00. I tweeted this yesterday, because not only was Little Bear up at all hours, Butter spent the hour between 4:00 & 5:00 a.m. wide awake. Little Bear’s problem has to be teeth. He’s got six of them already and I can see one on the bottom just below the surface. Saturday, he went through ten bibs. TEN. He’s always been a drooler [so was Butter], but never ever that much. He’s chewing on literally everything he can get in his mouth, including the shoes we sometimes leave around the living room. Which – when did my baby turn into a puppy?

Last night was the worst so far. Let me preface this by saying M works in a restaurant. Most of the bedtime duties fall to me, and usually I don’t mind. But between the back talking from Butter [I have an entire post in my head about how much I already hate three] and the baby who had been woken up from his nap to come home, then went to bed and got up approximately four times before Mommy just gave up? I lost it. At one point, I don’t know who was crying harder, Little Bear or me.

And poor Butter. It wasn’t quite his bedtime, so he was watching a bit of Sprout while I wrestled with LB. Butter wanted to snuggle with me because I was crying and, “Mommy, what’s wrong?” and, “I wanna snuggle to you so you feel better,” which probably produced more tears. After Butter went to bed [the first time he’s done so without arguing in over a week, mind you], I set myself up in the rocker with the baby and we cried it out together. Once he finally fell asleep, I was afraid to move him. About the time my arm fell asleep, I did the best Ninja impression I could and put him in his crib.

By that time, I had a raging headache and had sent M a slew of texts including one that said, “Hate children.” Apparently he’s been there, too. When he finally got home, we split a beer and I took something for my headache and snuggled into bed with my latest book.

Little Bear got up again around 3:00, but M got up with him. Butter got the shower I was so desperate to give him this morning. I need a nap.

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