The One Where… AHHHHH!

Wasn’t that how all the Friends episodes were titled? The One Where…? [Starting a blog post off with random musings is always a good thing, right?]


It’s been A Morning. When I took the boys to their swimming lesson this morning, my car wouldn’t shift into park. I know, right? So weird. I called roadside assistance, had a tow truck sent out, and called the dealership to let them know I was on my way only to have the tow truck driver start my car and shift it into park when he got there.

I wanted to hit my head against the steering wheel a few times.

That wasn’t what I came here to blog about, though. I came to blog about my, I don’t know, frustration? I know it’s only been a week since I started “running” again, but the scale isn’t really moving. I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit, though [hello, going down a notch on my belt!] and this morning my mother in law told me she could really see a difference. M says I’m carrying myself better.

That’s all good, right?

I’m taking it.


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