The Big Reveal

Remember when I said what I did last week exhausted me? It exhausted me for several reasons, the least of which was actually going through everything that happened in the past year. It’s a lot, if you think about it!

This is it. [This is a link to an external site because copy and pasting didn’t work too well for me.]

It may not be big to you, but to anyone who’s ever met me, this is a Big Deal. For me to do something like this . . . Well, let’s just say this isn’t my usual style at all.

You know what’s kinda cool? Learning things about myself I hadn’t heard yet, like my superficial temporal artery goes off in an abnormal direction. I’m sure I’d heard it at some point during all of the tests, but does anyone really expect me to remember all of that? You should see the size of the folder I’ve got all my information in. It’s huge.

So, at any rate . . . I’ve gone [more] public.

Yikes. Still with me?

By the way. Did you catch how she quoted this post at the end? It made me smile.

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  1. That was an awesome article! I think she captured you and your family to a T. You have been so strong and determined. I am in awe!

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