In Which BabyBoyPhan Freaks His Parents Out

First of all, let me say that I’ve never had a higher round of hits to this blog than on July 9, when I announced that BabyBoyPhan was indeed a boy.

What I didn’t say on that particular day, was that there was a discovery on the ultrasound that scared the crap out of both Husband and myself, and reduced me to tears.

BabyBoyPhan [who still doesn’t have a name, but again, that’s something for another post] has a cyst in the choroid plexus of his brain. The link leads you to Wikipedia, who can explain it far better than his emotional Mommy can.

What it came down to was this: it was either nothing, or it was an indication of a condition called Trisomy 18. Not exactly anything we were expecting to hear on the day when we learned that literally everything else about our baby boy is perfect.

Let me stop here for a second – literally everything else about our baby boy is perfect – which is a pretty amazing indication that the actual risk of Trisomy 18 was very, very low. According to my doctor, typically other things will show up looking funky on the Level I ultrasound if T-18 is present. Hands, feet, kidneys – something will look or measure wrong if T-18 is, indeed, present. She wanted a closer look, so she asked us to have a Level II ultrasound done. That, in and of itself, was a bit of a nightmare, but I’d really rather not rehash the series of events leading up to that particular day. Suffice to say, we had the Level II done a week after the Level I, and after meeting with a genetic counselor, learned that the presence of the CPC alone took our risk of T-18 from 1 in 3600 [due to my age] to 1 in 563. That’s less than a quarter of a percent, and the ultrasound that we had later showed exactly what the Level I had shown – everything about BabyBoyPhan looked perfect. It was a huge relief to hear that everything looked good.

I held up surprisingly well when my doctor told us what the CPC could mean, until Husband asked what T-18 was and my doctor said “it’s a condition that isn’t compatible with life.” I knew that because I read a blog by an amazing woman named Nicole, who carried her boy Dylan to term, despite a diagnosis of T-18. Her strength and honesty is something I admire a lot, and her blog continues to inspire me.

Husband and I made a conscious decision not to tell our families what was going on until we had more information to give them. Um, it was ridiculously tough to not tell anyone what was going on, especially when I was stressed to the max and about to rip the head off of anyone who got in my way in the week between our first and second ultrasounds.

Bottom line? Everything is great. Everything looks wonderful. There’s less than a quarter of a percent chance that BabyBoyPhan is anything but perfectly healthy, and we’re choosing not to dwell on such a small number. Instead, we’re planning for BabyBoyPhan to arrive in style, as close to his due date as possible. [My mother-in-law insists he’ll be born on November 27. I totally think she’s wrong.]

And just for giggles? If we weren’t certain he was a boy after the Level I ultrasound, he definitely showed off during the Level II. Husband still didn’t see what we [the ultrasound tech and myself] were pointing out, but trust me, it was there.

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  1. Hey MamaPhan! This is Jennifer (Amy’s sister). Just wanted to let you know that I read your post. Madeline had a CPC on her brain at her 20 wk scan – and I freaked out like you did. Her brain was also measuring 2 weeks behind at that time… but she was/is perfectly healthy. During our 20 week scan for this pregnancy, we found out that this baby girl (still no name yet!) also has a cyst on her brain and too much fluid in her kidneys. So, I guess we’re in the same boat! I’m not sure what to make of the kidney thing, but all else looked well, i.e no other markers for Trisomy 18. Anyhow, we’re hoping for the best, too! Here’s to happy, healthy babies for us come late Nov/early Dec!

    1. Hi Jennifer. 🙂
      Wonder why it’s so stinking hard to come up with second baby names?
      Best of luck with your new baby girl. I’ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

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