Shocked Speechless

Yesterday morning when I made my way downstairs, M told me he had bad news. I was kind of engrossed in watching a segment on GMA about Mommy Makeovers and just brushed him off for a few minutes.

I shouldn’t have brushed him off.

He told me a fan had fallen out of the stands in Arlington, Texas trying to catch a foul ball. He choked up when he said it was a dad there with his son. It got to him, probably in the same way the Casey Anthony verdict got to me, because of our sons. We have young boys. I know M can’t wait to take them to baseball games, just them and Pop.

On my way to pick up a disc of images for my appointment next month, I was listening to CNN and heard Nolan Ryan talking about what had happened.

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I got a little mad.

Almost a year ago to the day, a fan fell out of the upper level in that same stadium when he was trying to catch a foul ball. If I were more into researching right now, I’d get the exact quote, but the gist of what Nolan said was they had an inspector come in, they were told they exceeded the minimum height for railings per the IBC [International Building Code], and the chose not to raise the railings.

So let me get this straight. Someone falls out of the stands trying to go for a foul ball and you think it’s okay to ignore the obvious problem because you exceed the minimum? I hope Shannon Stone’s death won’t be in vain. I hope the team raises the railings in the stadium.┬áMy heart breaks for Josh Hamilton, who said hearing the little boy screaming for his daddy after it happened was difficult for him.

What bothers me most about this entire situation is it took Nolan Ryan’s request to the media to stop playing the video out of respect for the family for them to stop. It shouldn’t have, because they should not have aired it in the first place.

The pain of an entire family should not be newsworthy. I understand the media has to report things like this, but there was no need to show the video.

Anyway. That’s my two cents. What do you think?

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  1. To be honest, I was very surprised to see Josh Hamilton there the next day for the game. I think I would have taken a few games off out of respect and for my own grieving.

  2. 1) They shouldn’t have shown the video. Any media outlet should have that much sense and dignity.

    2) I feel bad for Josh Hamilton. I guess. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be him right now. I’m not a fan of his, but what a terrible thing to have to carry around in your head.

    3) No comment on the railings, because even if they were raised, this guy might have just reached out further and still done the same thing. I’m just not sure raising the railings would stop this from ever happening again.

    4) Unpopular as it may be, the Casey Anthony jury came to the right decision. The prosecution at no point proved she killed anyone. They just proved she’s a douche.

  3. I’m not going to pass blame on the Rangers for not raising the height of the railings. The only way you’re ever going to get people to stop is to make the railings 7 feet or higher. It was a grown man leaning over the railing to try and catch the ball. While it’s a horrible tragedy, much of the blame has to fall on him.

    I disagree with Juli about Hamilton sitting out a few games out of respect. I can see him sit out a few games because he feels horrible, but playing is something that is a personal decision for him. I hope that the weight of guilt he feels doesn’t lead to him relapsing. It was something nobody could have seen coming.

    As for the media, it’s despicable that they would show video of a man falling to his death. I know that he was alive after he landed, but the fact is that he died as a result of the fall. I’m glad I haven’t seen video of it and I never plan on seeing it. Any media outlet that aired it should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, with the way the media is these days, it’s not surprising.

  4. i didn’t know about the railings but that seems sort of careless if they are meant to be higher. I feel so so so terrible for Josh Hamilton – hearing him talk about the little boy made me cry. I can’t even imagine being any of them.

    The Casey Anthony thing is absolutely devastating to me. In my opinion, the prosecuting attorneys let sweet Caylee down. Big time. And thinking of someone (or MYSELF!) doing that to my own precious girls, makes me absolutely nauseous.

    1. The railings exceed the minimum required by the IBC, so they’re technically in the right for not raising them. However, once the first fan fell, I believe they should have at least considered raising them. 20 or 30 feet is a long fall on to concrete or seats.

      And while I don’t agree with the verdict in the Casey Anthony case, I respect the jury for making a sound judgement based on the evidence they were presented. Everything was circumstantial and given that they couldn’t provide a cause of death, they ruled correctly. Remember, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution and the jury had to believe she did it “beyond all reasonable doubt.” They couldn’t do that. That doesn’t mean I don’t think she got away with killing her daughter.

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