I Don’t Remember Much

I remember feeling pain. I remember wanting to cut my head off at the neck. I remember terror at the thought of leaving my husband & children alone. I remember a nasty black eye for a few days.

I remember telling a nurse to tell M I wanted my Chapstick.

And I remember feeling love.

I am so lucky to have an amazing support system around me.

Two years ago yesterday, I had my first Moyamoya surgery. I hope that the second one I had in January of 2012 is the last one I will ever need.

This Made Me Smile.

That’s my surgeon. He made Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Surgeons at Penn Medicine. [We were not surprised, but it's still really neat to see!]

I’m (kind of) Famous!

So if you follow me on twitter, you had to have known this post was coming.

Thursday evening, I got a text message letting me know Moyamoya was on Grey’s Anatomy. Which, you know, awesome. Because awareness is awareness is awareness. [I literally said that to a friend the night before regarding her Cushing's Disease, but that's for another post.]

I finally got a change to see the episode on Saturday night. I waited, even though I knew it was on HuluPlus because M asked me to watch it with him.

How did I feel about it in a single word? Disappointed. It was mentioned in a total of five scenes. McDreamy did say something along the lines of, “You know what’s interesting? Moyamoya.” as he was walking away from the interns, but then it was only in the surgery scene & at the very end when his intern was complaining about how she had to do that surgery instead of another one. There was a brief scene where McDreamy was attempting to explain the surgery to Iris’s parents [Iris - a young girl - was the patient he was doing the surgery on. Which makes sense, as Moyamoya generally manifests in children.] but herĀ  brother was running around, so I don’t think a lot of it got through to people watching who had no idea what they were seeing. And it annoyed me to no end that the kid was screaming over the explanation. Probably because I have it, but whatever.

The surgery made sense [though it wasn't like either one I had], but I felt like they literally glossed over what Moyamoya is. The last scene with Iris and her family, where she was grabbing a ball & showing her strength was returning after being weakened by TIAs was very sweet, though.

It might be that people finally stop looking at me like I sneezed when I tell them why I’ve had brain surgery. It may not. This may open a world of awareness. But most likely, it will just be a cool anecdote I can tell now. “Right, Moyamoya. Like that one episode of Grey’s Anatomy.”

I kind of wish it had been on House. At lest they focused on one patient & their own interpersonal issues instead of three or four patients at one time in addition to the crazy persona lives of the doctors.

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