Procrastination at its finest

I’m currently avoiding doing my second workout of the day.

No, don’t adjust your monitor, because you definitely read that right. I’m procrastinating doing my second workout of the day. Why am I doing two today? I decided to be lazy on Thursday, that’s why. Well, a mom’s definition of lazy.

You see, on Thursday, I did laundry. I changed the water in two fish tanks. I cleaned a little. I napped, because it’s summer time & I had to work that evening & it’s my prerogative, okay? I have a right to nap & I’m fully convinced they’re medically necessary as a Moyamoya patient.

I know way back in April I said I thought I was ready to get back into blogging. And for a while, I really thought I was. It’s clear to me now that I wasn’t ready at that point. I’m probably not now, either, but that’s a story in & of itself that I’m just not ready to tell yet.

I have a lot going on in my head, is the gist of what I mean.

But so far, summer has been great. If I don’t do an amazing job of keeping track of the boys’ lives through a blog, I’m pretty good about it on instagram. I posted pics from field day & the mom & son event at the school, & just random things that make me laugh, because my boys really are hilarious little men. I also have posted silly stuff like memes that make me laugh, or speak to me, or podcasts I’m listening to currently, or one of my favorites: a shot of chipped ham from Islay’s because PITTSBURGH.

Speaking of Pittsburgh. We took a trip to Pittsburgh in April for spring break. The trip was totally centered around the kids & that’s exactly the way I wanted it to be. We went to the Carnegie Science Center, the Water Steps on the North Shore, the Point [for the fountain, of course], the incline [Bear really, really hated being that high on Mount Washington, but it was amazing to see the city all lit up at night!], had a sandwich at Primanti’s, & went to Burgatory, which…. Go. If you are anywhere near Pittsburgh, GO. The adult milkshakes alone are a solid reason.

We’re heading back in two weeks so I can show the boys Kennywood. I’ve been dying to take them for years, but this year I finally made it happen. So we’re going to be celebrating Butter’s ninth birthday at the park & I have a roller coaster riding buddy in him, so I’m happy. They’ve both pretty much refused to ride the Raging Rapids but hopefully they’ll change their minds. Bear wants to ride the little roller coaster & if that’s what it takes to get him excited about them, I WILL GLADLY RIDE THAT THING WITH HIM. If he’s not excited about coasters, I still have Butter.

I’ve written about all I can write for now. I think it’s time to stop avoiding that second workout.

[And dude. If only writing 500 words had been this easy in high school & college…]

I Don’t Know

I don’t know what to call this post. It’s probably going to be a rambling of wild, insane things.

Or it will be a lot of vague-blogging. Is that even a thing? I blissfully deactivated my facebook account, so I can’t vaguebook anymore.

The boys.

They’re growing like weeds. Kindergarten & third grade & IEPs & Bulldog Bucks & awards for being respectful & homework battles & “What do you MEAN you left your papers at school again?!” That’s what our year has been. They’re finally in the same school, which is a major plus for this mama. I like where they are. They like where they are. We all like their teachers. It’s a change for Butter because he’d been in the gifted program for a few years, but now. Now he’s doing so much better. His handwriting could still use a little work, but whatever. I’ll gladly take that battle over dealing with teachers who seemed to want to pretend they cared, but didn’t at all.

They’re fighting like brothers. [Duh.] This morning I had to remind them that we don’t threaten to pee on our brother’s head & no, I don’t care that it’s because he wouldn’t let you play with the multitude of Legos on his bed.

We’re planning birthday parties & trips to Pittsburgh to see Mommy’s home city & lots of other things. All in the next few weeks, because our summers don’t look like most people’s. We are a food truck family.

There are a thousand other things I want to discuss, but can’t. Because they’re not public knowledge yet & frankly they’re not really for public consumption. There are things I want help with, but I’m too afraid, too introverted, too . . . something to ask for it. So I’ll keep plugging along. Like I always do. Like the good little worker bee I am.20161106_025


Um. Oops?

I know it’s been a while. The last post I wrote was in March?

I hate that. But it’s been crazy busy around here & I haven’t felt much like writing lately.

There are highlights I can hit.

  • Our hearts broke when my father-in-law passed away in December. He went quickly & that’s all we could ask for, but there are very few days that go by when Bear doesn’t tell me, “I miss Pop Pop.” Buddy, we all do.
  • M opened his cafe in January. It’s gorgeous & infuriating & I’m so so so so so proud of him.
  • We’re working through an official ADHD diagnosis with Butter.
  • Both boys will be in the same school this year. Thank. Goodness.
  • Oh yeah, Bear is going into Kindergarten. And Butter will be in third grade. It’s insane how fast time has gone.

I quit a job in February. I’m still waiting tables, still working with MIL, & still working with/for M doing stuff around the cafe.

Life is insane.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.