Guest Post from Shannon

My friend Shannon is without fail, one of the strongest women I know. We met on TheNestBaby/TheBump boards way back when we were still pregnant with our first babies [Noah is just a few months older than Butter], and I’m so grateful to have found her.

Take it away, Shannon!

T must have had a lot of faith in me to ask me to guest blog. I have started and stopped no less than 5 entries for this spot, because nothing less than perfect will please me for guest blogging. But something that is absolutely perfect to me is my children. SO- I will entertain you with some embarrassing things my oldest son has put me through recently (he’s 3 yrs and 7 months).

  • He has a tendency to grab things and hide them, so I’m constantly searching for my things. A few months ago one of my bras went missing and he refused to tell me where it was. Finally after 2 months, I found it under his toy rocking horse. He was using it as his saddle bag.
  • We have a mini-van and over the summer went to several drive-in movies. We’d flip the tailgate up and make a bed in the back of the van. We were at Target loading things up one day while a couple tied things into their truck next to us when Noah very loudly says “Mommy, are you going to put me in the trunk again?” I’m sure you can imagine the look of horror from the couple next to us.

And one of the most recent and entertaining stories…

  • We had a baby girl in March. Noah saw me changing her diaper I guess in early October and noticed for the first time that she didn’t have a penis. He asked a few questions but seemed un-interested. Then we got a female puppy in November. While we were at Michael’s buying supplies for crafts, Noah started talking to the cashier. She was asking him all kinds of questions and I wasn’t really paying attention. Then she asked if his new puppy was a girl or a boy. He answered “Well, she has a ‘gina like my sister so she’s a girl.” The cashier looked at me and said “she has a what?” Yeah lady, he said what you think he said.

I’m sure his sister will enjoy adding to these stories as soon as she starts talking. It’s illegal to duct tape your kids’ mouths shut, right?

Thanks T for allowing me to guest blog. I hope I was able to provide a smile during your recovery time and that your children don’t embarrass you as often as my own embarrass me!