Friend Time

You may have noticed my lack of posts with substance lately. My sweet friend Rachel has been visiting since Saturday morning.

We’ve been busy seeing Cosmopolis, eating crabs, and playing with the babies. I’m super sad she’s leaving in the morning.


More Blessed Than I Can Ever Acknowledge

Tonight, there was a spaghetti and meatball dinner at a local restaurant, again to raise money to help us pay the huge medical costs we incurred from two brain surgeries.

We are blessed beyond measure.

And even though I know it will be taken care of, getting a letter saying our insurance was going to deny paying over $80,000 from my second surgery, it made me feel so good to see the people who are there tonight. The bill is a paperwork mix up, and I spoke with my insurance agent this evening about it. But it was a gut punch seeing that. I cannot imagine not having insurance through this process.

Thank you will never, never be enough.