Training Tuesday – 7/26

12 days to go.

Wait, 12?!

[PS – I’m $35 short of my goal. If any one could throw in even $5, I’d appreciate it!]

I feel like I’m not prepared for this, but I know I’m going to do my best. And even if I’m not feeling prepared, I know I’m better off than I was two weeks ago. I’ve gotten up every other morning [following with the C25K plan] to run. I may not always like it, because who actually enjoys getting up at 5 am? [Dear MIL, I love you; don’t answer that. ;)]

Okay, fine. By the time I drag myself to the basement and on to the treadmill, it’s closer to 6. I have learned a few valuable lessons, though. I need to eat before I run, or I feel ill. Cheerios suck when you’re eating them without sugar. I feel better on the days I drink a lot of water. I feel almost like I could be a rock star and start running every day, or at least close to every day.

Assuming I get my DIY5K in this week – which I need to do because it’s almost the end of July – I’ll have put in 70 miles this year. I know some people run that much in a month, but I’m really proud of myself. I’m thinking I’ll be able to set goals in terms of how many miles I’d like to run in a month soon.

It’s exciting.

Linking up to three pugs & a baby for Training Tuesday.

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