I’m going to start with my Facebook status from yesterday.

This afternoon, I reminisced with my husband about being able to walk to the corner store down the street from my Grandma’s house with a friend to buy cigarettes for her mom. I told him, “It’s scary how I don’t really want to let the boys out of the house because of all the crazy in the world these days.”

But it’s not just these days.

Crazy things happened when I was just a kid walking with a friend, too. The difference was the media & social media. We have nearly instant access to things now. I saw people saying vicious things about a man who may not even have anything to do with what happened in Connecticut today, just because his brother stole his identity.

If nothing else, please remember to pray for the families of the victims, including the shooter’s family. And the kids and adults who saw this awful incident today.
A boy in my eighth grade Algebra class was from Jonesboro, Arkansas. My roommate at Pitt went to Parker Middle School. I was a high school Freshman when Columbine happened. I still had friends attending Virginia Tech in 2007.

Yesterday had a bigger impact on me than any of those. In many ways, I’m so grateful Butter wasn’t home when I heard the news. I’m grateful Bear is too young to know what I spend the entire afternoon watching. When I finally saw Butter yesterday, I squeezed him so tightly he complained he couldn’t breathe. He still has no idea what happened, even though he asked me why I started crying last night when I was reading the boys their bedtime story. I successfully distracted him and got him into bed.

There are few things I dislike about being a parent. What happened in Connecticut yesterday is one of them.

My heart is obviously broken for the families who lost someone. My heart is broken for the kids who saw friends and trusted adults killed in front of them. What will their lives be like now? How will they move on from something so traumatic happening at such a young age? I hate that families are planning funerals instead of Christmases.

I hate the idea that I’m a little scared to send my kid to school on Monday.

This has happened too much, in too many places.

Please, continue to pray for Newtown.

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