There are worse things he could do.

There are worse things M could do:
– Than drink three times the number of beers I did, when I assumed he brought the Cherry Wheat home for me. [But, you know what happens when you assume…]
– Or kick me, the day after I let him sleep in [on his day off, no less!] to get up with the boys.
– Or come with me to nearly every appointment I’ve had regarding Moyamoya disease.
– Or buy me the most amazing Christmas gift, even when I told him I didn’t want anything big.

There are worse things Butter could do:
– Than eat an apple right before bed.
– Or sing songs to his little brother to make him stop crying.
– Or say please and thank you, and “may I have ___ please?”
– Or refuse to give me a hug one minute, then beg to snuggle the next.
– Or sing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
– Or All Together Now.

There are worse things Little  Bear could do
– Than cry at five in the morning and wake Mommy out of a dead sleep.
– Or fall back to sleep within a few minutes of a new bottle.
– Or give a great big grin to whomever decides to pay attention to him for a few seconds.
– Or poop, two minutes after a new diaper.
– Or crash the minute we want him awake.

There are worse things my boys could do. And sometimes, they do them. But I love them just the same.

My family means the world to me. I’m so blessed.

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