The Struggle.

“Butter, clear your plate from the table.”

“Butter, it’s time to do your homework.”

“Butter, get dressed for school/soccer/bed/church/errands.”

“Butter, brush your teeth.”

“Put the book down.”

“Get in the car.”

“Buckle up.”

“Help your brother.”

I feel like we are in a never ending cycle of commands or requests & “No, I don’t want to!” followed by me/us needing to take something away from the Five Year Old Who Never Learns.

Parents of older children – this gets easier, right? If it doesn’t? LIE TO ME. I don’t know how much more I can take of this.

And obviously, he came home with a note yesterday telling us we needed to discuss appropriate behavior with him because he spent a lot of time in the “take a break” chair. When I asked him how many times he was there, he told me nonchalantly, “Oh, I had to go nine times because I wouldn’t listen to Mrs. K.”

This is not okay.

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