So That Happened.

Today, I went to apply for our local school district’s preschool for Butter.

He’s in, pending our registration paperwork and the physical and immunization records.

Which brings me to this point: how in the world did my baby get old enough for preschool already?

Didn’t I just find out I was pregnant with him last month? Wasn’t he just born last week?

I can’t believe this. Come late July/early August, I’m going to have to buy him school supplies. We’re going to have to buy him clothes for school. He’ll have a real backpack he can carry with STUFF in it besides the books he likes to cart all over the place.

I’m also a little tentative. How much do I work with him on stuff he’ll be learning? He can already read a bit. The one day a week he’s in day care, they are working on his letters. He knows how to count pretty high, and he knows the majority of his shapes. What do I do? Do I work harder with him, or leave it up to the school? I don’t want him to go in there seeming like a know-it-all, but I don’t want him to get bad marks for not being as prepared as some of the other kids.

This kid-going-to-school thing is already more difficult than I thought it would be.

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