Remember When This Was Fun?

Growing up in Pennsylvania, there were two words that always made me happy.

Snow day.

Snow days were awesome when I was a kid. No school without being sick? License to go out & play in ALL THE SNOW for hours on end? Watching Bob Barker without the added pressures of a blanket & a bucket? SOLD. Man, those were the days.

Now a snow day for the kids means who will watch the kids & can I get to work without fear of sliding into a ditch & what if one kid has school but the other one doesn’t? Those were my very serious fears last night when we went to bed. Okay, minus the one about whether one kid had school or not. We got a robocall from Butter’s school & an email from Bear’s. It was all good.

The snow was fine. Except the part where it took me an hour to get home from church yesterday. I think I heard today that something like 4 inches fell up our way in an hour & a half or so. [Dear Husband, Remember that time we agreed we didn’t really need four wheel drive? Ahahahahaha.]

I am incredibly blessed to have jobs that are flexible, so I attended half a meeting today, met my father in law for lunch, then took the boys to see Frozen.

Maybe snow days still don’t totally suck.

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