Mommy Needs a Time Out

I’m exhausted today.

Last night was not a good night for me. Today has not been a good day so far.

I’m stressed. I’m worried. I’ve spent more time in tears the last two days than I have in the last two weeks. And surprise! It’s not about my surgery.

My kids are driving me batty. I think they’ve come up with an elaborate plan to drive me to the brink of sanity.

It’s working.

They’re definitely winning.



4 Replies to “Mommy Needs a Time Out”

  1. Sounds like someone needs a spa day. Just throwing that one out there.

    As for the kids, it’s probably not your imagination, they probably do have a plan. That scribbling you see isn’t scribbling, it’s their language.

  2. You would have never know this last night when we were there for dinner. Everything was wonderful but now I feel bad that I did not “see” you had had a bad day
    The boys know how you are feeling…inside, and they are reacting to it. They will return to the wonderful kids they really are once you are feeling better!!!!! That is until they are teens!

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