He’s Discovered It.

I knew this day was coming.

I anticipated it.

I mean, there’s a reason I’m teaching him to do laundry already.

My four year old has discovered his penis.

It happened a couple months ago. I was away – working or something – and M called to tell me about how he said he couldn’t go potty, because his pepeĀ  was “too big.” [My husband has explained that it was morning wood. OH THE THINGS YOU LEARN BEING A BOYMOM.] It was funny at the time.

It was not so funny two nights ago when I sent him to his bedroom to put his PJs on after his bath and two minutes later, walked in on him playing with it. I tried to explain to him that he shouldn’t do that, but he laughed at me.

At least he hasn’t done it in public yet. To my knowledge, anyway. Though I think that’s something his teacher would email or call me about. I would hope so anyway.

Any advice from BoyMoms with older kids? And no, “drink more” is not an option. [At least, not one approved by my doctors.]


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  1. We told Noah it’s for private time only. But he discovered it way long ago. I think he was only 2 when he embarrassed me at Target by loudly announcing that his penis was stuck to his leg.

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