Breaking down pop music lyrics.

I don’t think I’m the only person with a toddler who is obsessed with specific music, am I? I think BabyRabies has mentioned that her son has an affinity for Katy Perry. And I know there have got to be other parents out there who are dealing with the same thing I’m dealing with, right?

Butter is pretty much in looooove with Taylor Swift.

That’s cool. I can tolerate Taylor. Most of the time. What I cannot tolerate is the fact that he asks to listen to a specific song [sometimes by title, sometimes not; he calls Picture to Burn “stupid ole,” because she sings, “I hate that stupid old pick up truck you never let me drive.”] and I either don’t have it on the CD in the car, or I’ve conveniently erased it from my iPod.

I also can’t tolerate the fact that I’ve started picking the lyrics apart. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know her song Back to December is about her failed romance with that guy from Twilight. You know, the one who didn’t sparkle. [I know there are a few people reading this who are absolutely cracking up at me right now. STOP IT.]

FINE. His name is Taylor Lautner.

So back to the song. It’s about the failed relationship those two had. Tuesday night, we took a ride to Rita’s and that song came on as we were headed home. [Side note, if I have to hear Sparks Fly again, I may very well stab myself in the ear.] There’s this line where she says something about the first time he ever saw her cry. It happened to be a September night. So when I got home, I asked trusty twitter if the Taylors were dating when Kanye pulled the mic jack heard ’round the world. [And until I went looking for that footage, I didn’t realize Taylor had presented that award to Taylor. Confused yet? I am, too.]

Apparently, the Taylors were very much together when that happened. Poor Taylors. I really did feel bad for Swift when Kanye did that. But, MTV failed. He was walking down the red carpet with a bottle of booze in his hand. I bet they learned their lesson about better stage security after that.

Which brings me to my first question – WHY AM I PAYING THAT MUCH ATTENTION TO TAYLOR SWIFT LYRICS?

The answer is: I have to keep myself entertained somehow when I have to listen to them four hundred times a week . . . right?

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  1. Hehe :).

    Evan used to love Taylor Swift as well but he has moved on to Sugarland. He can sing the entire Stuck Like Glue song. I don’t know how this is even possible (OK, I do, his babysitter did it) because we don’t listen to country music, ever!

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