Aren’t You Ready to Fight Crime Yet?

True story, those words came out of Butter’s mouth earlier today. His Poppy bought him a Spider-Man costume for Halloween [thank you, Dad]  & he was upstairs in the loft with Bear playing superheroes.

As an aside? I love that they’re playing together like they like each other today. It makes life after the coldest yard sale ever a lot easier. Well, that & Easy Mac. [See Mom? I learned to bend on that whole my-kids-have-never-eaten-mac-and-cheese-out-of-a-box-thing. Though I wonder if it technically counts, because M got those single serve things from Costco.]

And of course, because I typed out that they seemed to like each other, they started fighting like cats & dogs. I’m tempted to tell them it’s early bedtime tonight & let them have cage match in their bedroom. I may be just that tired. I sent Butter to their room after he sat on his brother. And now Bear is asking if Butter is allowed to come downstairs. THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT IN THIS HOUSE.

Oh joy. I’m going to go break up a fight now. If you don’t see me post for another two weeks, please send a search party.

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