I could write a novel on the things that people never told me about being a parent.

For instance, how many times you want to sing a bad 80s song when you see this picture:

Or how your heart absolutely drops into your stomach when you see this happen for the first time:

Then there’s the pride & joy of the past few weeks – Butter went to his first baseball game!

I haven’t been blogging much lately & upon looking at the pictures in my phone & camera, I realize that I should be. I should be blogging far more than I am, because he’s growing too fast to forget any of the little things that he’s doing.

This week has been a crazy one. I was able to work from home on Tuesday & see him pull up for the very first time. Seeing as how that happened around 9 a.m., when the second picture up there was taken at around 11 a.m., I was convinced that he wasn’t actually going to make it up the stairs. I mean, really. He’d just started pulling up, was he really going to be able to climb the stairs so soon? Poor, sad, misinformed Mommy. OF COURSE he could climb the stairs.

We’ve been on our toes a lot more than usual lately. We’ve also started the “standard” course of bumps & bruises for an incredibly daring baby boy. Yesterday he managed to bump his noggin off of the coffee table because the piece of paper he was trying to hang onto on the couch didn’t stay where he wanted it. Obviously, that piece of paper has been reprimanded.

I say all the time that I wish people had told me what being a parent is really like. And then I realize that it wouldn’t be nearly as fun if I knew what was coming.

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  1. He is sooo adorable!!!!!!! And you are right he does seem to be growing fast. Enjoy the baby days!

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