Butter’s got a fluffy butt!!

Say it in a sing-song voice & if you can name the movie, I’ll bake these brownies for you. I haven’t had them yet, but Steph keeps teasing me with the pictures of them & I might have to make them oh, I don’t know, yesterday.

Anyway, we got our trial of Jillian’s Drawers cloth diapers last Friday & I went to town on Saturday. These pictures are from a few days later, but are SO cute. Enjoy!

“Hi Mom!”

“Mmmm, frog.”

“Enough. I’m sick of you taking pictures of me in nothing but my diaper!”

“Love my Taggie blanket.”**

“Fine. One last smile.”

The Taggie blanket was made for Butter by a fellow Nestie. He took one look at it & hasn’t really wanted it out of his sight since. He loves that thing.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! He is SO cute! He is looking so grown up, too. =) Let me know what you think of the cloth diapers. I hate buying regular ones, but I’m too scared to try the cloth ones. hehe Keep us posted!

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