Bitten by the organizational bug.

I have no idea what’s gotten in to me lately, but all I want to do is organize, clean & be at home with my boys. If I were pregnant, this would be called nesting. Trust me, I’m not pregnant.

Here’s my latest stroke of genius. Tonight, Husband & I agreed on a weekly cleaning list. It’s something that we’re both used to from working in restaurants & we’re implementing it in our lives. This is how it will work. Monday thru Friday, we have a room or section in the house that should be cleaned. We created a rule for ourselves that if, for some reason, we want to skip a day because we’re tired or we have things to do, we can. BUT! We can only skip that day if we definitely did it the week before. If we skipped the week before, then no matter how tired or busy we are, it needs to get done. We’ve left Saturday & Sunday open for catching up, laundry, making baby food, etc. Plus it’s nice to spend time with each other. 😉 This is what it looks like:

Monday – Master Bedroom & Bathroom
Tuesday – Butter’s room, Hall Bath, Guest Room & Loft
Wednesday – Living Room
Thursday – Kitchen
Friday – Laundry Room, Powder Room & Front Hall

I’m even thinking of doing a monthly cleaning list, which is something that has to be done at least once a month [cleaning/changing HVAC filters, scrubbing the floors instead of just quick mopping, cleaning carpets, etc].

I’m actually looking forward to this. We’ve made strides in the last few months to really get ourselves organized. I’ll have to go down to the basement at some point to take pictures of the fantastic shelves that Husband built with the help of our dads.

And for the record, I’m giving myself a pass on tonight [which means no skipping next week!]. Butter’s already in bed, so I don’t want to create a ton of noise around his room that might wake him up [even though I’m pretty sure he’d sleep through a bus crashing into the house]. We’re going to start tomorrow night with the living room. Wish us luck!

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  1. Interesting….I should probably have a system like that, lol. I am such a procrastinator!Mom and I keep talking about having a yard sale but we have yet to go through stuff to sell! I have a bad habit of sorting through stuff while cleaning and then getting distracted because I found something I had been looking for months ago! Sad, really..

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