Today, You Are Two

Dear Bear,

Happy Birthday, baby boy.

You amaze us every single day. You still adore your Pop and big brother,  but there are days when you are truly a Mama’s Bear [though those are farther and fewer between from where they were last year].

You love Mickey. You love your Pop Pop & Gandma. Your face lights up when Poppy & Linda come in the door. You dance when your Gigi comes to visit.

You still have teeth coming in, and even though I know that must be painful for you, you really don’t complain too much. You let us know when you’re not happy [sometimes by saying, “Not happy!”] and you are kind of demanding when you want something. We are working diligently with you on please and thank you, and you’re doing surprisingly with it some days.

When we measured you, we weren’t surprised to find that you’re not much taller than your brother was at 18 months. You’re definitely our peanut – but really, can 30-35lbs be considered a peanut?

You’re staying a lot of words now, and even stringing together a few into small sentences. You absolutely made Pop’s day on Tuesday when you said, “Happy Birthday Pop!” to him as you were going to bed. [Okay, so it was with a little prompting from Mama, but you did great!]

None of us can wait for the next year with you, Bear. We’re all so excited.



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