Have You Ever Wanted To Punch Your Computer?

I have.

Not that I would since the hard drive died and I just got it back not that long ago, but OMGIWANTTOPUNCHTHESCREENSOMETIMES. Well, not the screen. The keyboard. Specifically the cursor, because it jumps around a lot. A LOT. [Maybe I should focus my rage on the mouse? I don’t know.]

I really should just write a post to show you what happens when I don’t fix things that happen. It’s so weird. The cursor jumps around, sometimes entire sentence/paragraphs are highlighted and deleted [thank you for saving me, undo feature], and a lot of other silly things I don’t know how to stop. It definitely makes writing blogs/emails/Facebook posts/anything else I’m trying to do interesting.

I’ve asked Mr. Google his advice and he says it’s a touch pad sensitivity issue. Um, in English please, Mr. Google. I speak nerd, but I’m not fluent. Fine, I kind of interpreted that, and was told I needed to download drivers. But what do I DO with said drivers when I download them? PLEASE HELP ME, INTERNET FRIENDS.

I was going to take a picture of the word doc I just tried to type out to give you an example of what I’m dealing with, but it deleted all of the text except ING. I’m not even joking.

Gratuitous cute picture of my kids playing well together for once, because until I get this figured out, I may just do nothing but post photos. Seriously.


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