Dear Snow,

You’ve had a good run the last few months, but I have to respectfully ask that you go away and not come back until next winter, after I’ve forgotten how awful you’ve been to me recently.

You started out so promising. A pretty, light dusting had Butter standing at the window happily pointing out the “Noooo!”

In the past, Snow, I’ve been very accepting of you. I’ve always said I could smell you coming, so this particular scene from the Gilmore Girls made me smile (and feel very secure in my nose’s ability to smell you coming).

But, Snow, you kinda screwed with me this year. Nearly 40 inches in five days? Cold, but not cool. At all.

We used to be such good friends. We were so good together. Unfortunately, I kind of agree with Lorelai again.

I really didn’t want to write you a letter like this, but I feel like my hands are tied.

Snow, we’re over. I just can’t be with you any more. I’ve found someone new. His name is Sun, and he treats me so well. He keeps me warm and helps things grow. Butter adores him, because when Sun is around Butter can play outside. Butter loves playing outside with Sun. This is what happens when we try to get Butter to play outside with you, Snow.

Butter is not happy. And if Butter isn’t happy, MamaPhan & Husband aren’t happy.

Sorry to write you a Dear Snow letter, but I just can’t bear to see you again.

With (not much) love,


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