1. If you had a weekly newspaper column, what would you name it? How to Drive a Mommy Crazy in 10 Minutes. My boys would be in the inspiration, of course. And sometimes, my husband.

2. Who is your mentor/inspiration? My inspiration, hands down, is my Sugar. [Start reading toward the middle of the post where I talk about July 3.] Without repeating that entire post here, she was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever been lucky enough to know. I still don’t have her green thumb, but I’m working on it. I want to be like her when I grow up. I really, really, really do.

3. What is your wake up beverage of choice? Black coffee. Funny story, I used to be a coffee with my sugar kind of girl, but then I started working at Starbucks. We had to taste all of the coffees black so we could explain to the customers what flavors were present, and what they paired best with. For example, the Breakfast Blend pairs really well with anything lemon flavored. They’re both bright, vibrate flavors. Ahem. So one morning, I drank my coffee black. I’ve never gone back. I think M teased me once and said that’s how he knew I was The One.

4. Would you wear your mom’s clothes? Love you, Mom, but no. I wouldn’t. We have very different styles.

5. When you were a kid, did you put posters on your wall? If so, what were they of?
Somewhere, I have a picture of what my walls looked like in high school. When I can remember putting posters on my wall, it was NKOTB. What? Jordan and Joey were adorable, but I was pretty sure Jonathan was going to be my husband. Then I moved on to the Backstreet Boys [briefly] and ‘N SYNC. I was never a big JT fan, but I love him now. Eh, he grows on you. No, I was a Lance fan. [Are we seeing a pattern of who I tended to fall for in boy bands here?] My high school room was covered with quote collages and Got Milk? ads. I even have a couple of coffee table books centered around those things. And one, somewhere in my basement, signed by Rudy from the first season of Survivor. My mom worked with his daughter.

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