He’s In School

He loves it.

He wants to go back.

There was only one mean girl, but he told her not to be so mean.

He spent some time in time out, but won’t tell us why.

When I picked him up, he told me, “It was time to read a book, Mommy, but you got here too fast!”

He was really good when we went to buy his cleats and other equipment for soccer tonight. Soccer starts on Thursday.

Mama cried this morning, twice. Once because he was adorable and told his toys he was going to prekindergarten and he wanted them to be good while he was gone. And once when he said, “Okay, bye!” at drop off this morning.

When I asked Little Bear if he wanted to go get his brother today, he shook his head.

But he clearly loves his brother. Because he just had to get in on the First Day Photo.

Better, longer, stronger post tomorrow.