I had two cavities filled today.

I’m in pain. Obviously.

I’m pretty sure these were old cavities that were poorly filled before, but still. My mouth has an ouch. The strange thing is, these two teeth did not bother me at all. Usually, you get a pain when you have a cavity, right? I haven’t had any pain related to my teeth in forever. Except maybe that one morning I woke up and had been clenching my jaw so hard over night I thought a broke a tooth. That was good times.

Tomorrow, Butter has an appointment to have his cracked tooth removed. I’m not really looking forward to that, but I think I’ll survive. M is making every effort to be there, so I’ll at least have him if I need to freak out in the general direction of someone for a few minutes.

The most interesting part of today was getting in my car after the appointment. I reached up to scratch my eyebrow and pulled a little sliver of tooth away. Good times.

Please think good thoughts for Butter tomorrow. And maybe his Mama, too.