This Has Been . . .

A kind of crazy week. I panicked when I was starting LB’s bath tonight because I totally thought tomorrow was Tuesday, and I had a moment of, “OMG. Butter can’t get his stitches out because that’s right in the middle of swim lessons.”

At the moment I’m considering going berserk on the people who live in the neighborhood behind us, because it’s 10:30 and they’re lighting off fireworks. For the fourth night in a row. At 10:30. Ahem.

Tuesday was, as has become the norm for me no matter how hard I fight it, an awful day. No matter that I wake up and decide it’s going to be a good day. Nope; the universe wins. Me: 0, The Universe: 14.


Yet again, sleep is elusive. I’m not sure why, but it is. Throw in the headaches because of the heat, and I’m just a joy to be around. Ask M, he can totally verify.

Did I mention Butter pushed LB down the stairs today? Oh, that definitely happened.

How has your week gone?