Survival Parenting

This is the mode I am currently in.

Remember how I said I love Sam Bradley? He played in Philadelphia last night and I went to see him. I’m glad I did because he was just as sweet as ever, and possibly gave me the biggest hug I’ve gotten from a person who isn’t my child when my friend Jessica told him that after I’d invited her, she’d gone to iTunes and bought everything of his that was available.

Sam’s show is not the reason I’m in Survival Parenting mode right now. I didn’t even get home past my bed time. Nooo, I’m in survival parenting mode because Butter threw up more than once last night, and while I was in the bedroom stripping his bed for the washing machine, Little Bear woke up. That would normally be fine, as he’s usually easy to get back to sleep, but of course last night wasn’t one of those nights. At one point, he was crying so hard he was shrieking. Awesome, right?

He finally stopped crying around 2 a.m. Butter was still wide awake on my bedroom floor. I’d decided letting him sleep on the floor was better than me sleeping on the floor in his bedroom. I have no idea what time I fell asleep, if at all. I sent M a text earlier that said something about “your children,” and “I was awake when you left, but trying desperately to play dead.”

Of course Little Bear was wide awake at 6:30. Thankfully, he played happily in his crib until 7, when he suddenly decided shriek crying was the only way he was going to get anything out of me. Look, kid, that may be the only way you get a reaction out of me today, so use it sparingly. Then [TMI] my monthly visitor showed up this morning. After I brought LB to the living room, I was in the laundry room doing . . . something, when Butter peaked his head around the gate at the bottom of the stairs and said, sweet as ever, “Hello?”

I’m absolutely astonished at the fantastic mood my children are in. They’re both smiling and happy. Butter just ate some Cheerios. I’m holding off on the milk [obviously] but he seems as happy as ever and says his belly feels just fine. He did say yesterday when I picked him up at school that his belly hurt, but in my defense, he was acting just fine. He ate his dinner well. M thinks it was the Jell-O I made last Friday that was his problem, but after remember what he said in the car yesterday, I don’t think that was the culprit.

By the by – I’m featured over at today. It’s kind of cool. Way back when I spent tons of time on Mommy Message Boards, she was one of the first people I met. For a while, she was the only other Phillies/Steelers fan I’d ever met.  If you’re coming here from her blog, please don’t hold Survival Parenting against me. I like to think I’m usually more entertaining than this.

Oh, and does anyone have any good advice for how to get cherry Jell-O tinted vomit out of the white jersey of a Phanatic pillow pet? I’m totally asking for a friend.