Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I think I’m going to have to count on my family to tell me what funny things happen at the house next week.

5. Last Saturday, I took Butter grocery shopping with me. He twirled around in the aisle, asking “Do we need butter Mommy? Do we? HERE I AM!”

4. M put lights under our cabinets on one side of the kitchen. One night when we were cleaning up after dinner, I asked Butter to tell M “Thank you for putting lights under the cabinets.” In one round of the telephone game, it came out, “Thank you for putting lights under the carrots!”

3. On Wednesday I handed Butter a dollar and asked him to give it to his Pop Pop and ask him to buy us a winner. Butter looked so proud of himself when he said everything correctly, and the most priceless the look he shot me to make sure he’d said it correctly.

2. We met with M’s parents on Thursday evening for dinner to celebrate his birthday a little early. Both boys just lit up when they saw their Pop. For the first time in memory, when I motioned for Little Bear to come to me, he snuggled up against M’s chest and gave me a little smirk.

1. Me: “Butter, that’s a big poopie!”
Butter: Thanks! I did it all by myself!”

I’m so grateful I have my kids to keep me laughing.

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