Three Weeks Post Op

I really should have gotten M to take a picture this morning, because I’m amazed at how different I look from three days post op. Honestly, unless you look hard for my scar, you can’t really tell I’ve had surgery.

Obviously, I can. Especially when my head hurts really badly. But honestly, I think I’m doing well.

I’m super glad my in laws’ miss their grandkids, though. I get a night to clean up around the house, maybe go see an old friend tonight, and just . . . relax.

I’ll have M take a pic tonight after he gets home and post it soon.

Does anyone have any questions about my recovery? I feel like it’d be easier to answer them at once.

Two Days of This & I’m Exhausted

Fine, it’s only been – total – a day.

So far.

My Mom went home on Saturday after LB’s birthday party and last night was my first time alone with my kiddos since the surgery. Can I tell you how excited I was when M called around dinner time and told me he was coming home because the restaurant was just that dead?

So a few things. I don’t know why, but I’m not sleeping. Not well, anyway. Friday night I was up forever. Saturday I went to a friend’s house and didn’t get home until nearly 2 a.m. Last night, I was up watching Friday Night Lights in bed, because I love you, Netflix. I just cannot sleep well, and it’s driving me batty. After a time or two, I discovered dilaudid keeps me awake. Funny, it was the only thing that controlled my pain when I was just out of surgery, and I slept most of that day. Not since Jill gave it to me, though.

So I tried percocet one night. That made me sleepy, but not sleepy enough to fall asleep. Does that even make sense? Well, it does in my twisted mind. A few nights I stayed up reading. One night I came downstairs and watched Friday Night Lights. Four episodes of it. I finally crawled into bed that morning around 5:30, and I was up by 8. Mama was not very happy.

Coffee is my best friend, but we’ve been close for a long time so that’s nothing new. But between a baby who apparently doesn’t want to nap today, a little boy who is being so well behaved and helping with laundry [I love Butter. I really do.], running an errand, and doing laundry and trying to get my house clean because what-do-you-mean-we-have-to-decorate-for-the-holidays? I’m just so, so tired. Instead of folding the sheets I just took out of the dryer, I’m typing this post. Butter is playing with his brother’s birthday toys in the living room. LB is up in his crib, chattering to himself and his toys.

I think I need another cup of coffee. Or bed time. Yeah, bed time would be amazing.

Well, after I go to record Juli‘s big reveal to her kids. That’s going to be fantastic.