Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I can’t believe it’s the weekend already! I’m kind of hoping time drags a bit until November 7, then stops completely.

What? That’s not possible? Completely unfair.

These are the funnies we had in our house this week.

5. I teared up a bit when I was thinking about my surgery on Monday night. Butter said to me, “Mama, do you got a boo boo? I will kiss it better.”

4. Little Bear has made a ton of progress this week. He said “Da da!” when M picked him up from my in laws’ house, he’s all over the place with the crawling, and the other night he even stood up by himself for a few seconds. The one thing we’re not excited about? He sticks his finger in nose every chance he gets. I guess he learned that from his big brother.

3. On Thursday night, Butter made this observation. “I think it’s going to rain. Look at all those dirty clouds!”

2. Little Bear discovered those cabinets in the kitchen are mean and will bite his fingers if he’s not careful. He retaliated by smacking it with his hand, then crying because he hit it a little too hard.

1. Butter fell asleep on the way home one night this week.

Little Bear was having none of that, and took it upon himself to wake Butter up.

Linking up with the mommyhood chronicles for her Top 5 Laughs. I read most of them last week, and am looking forward to reading them tonight once the kids are in bed.