No Day But Today

There’s only us
There’s only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today

Originally, I planned to do my 50 favorite songs as a countdown.

I’ve since realized I can’t do that. I’m going to blog about them as they hit me. This one is in my head right now and just won’t get out, so I’m going to subject you to one of my favorite songs from the musical RENT.

The above lyrics are found in a song called Another Day. The video I’ve posted is a reprise of that song, called Finale B. [It’s from the movie, regardless of what it says.]

If you haven’t seen the musical [or the movie], this scene begins when Mimi wakes up after overdosing and nearly dying.

It’s a powerful song, with a powerful message.

I hope you enjoy it.


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