Another Thing Done

I’ve officially knocked three things off of my 101 in 1001 list.

Most recently? I finished #1. And that has totally changed my life.

You know how I’m allergic to paying $3.25 for Raisinettes? I also used to be allergic to making my bed. Ask my Mom. It was bad. M is allergic to making the bed as well, so it used to be that the only time our bed was ever made was when we changed the sheets. So about once a week. I knew that had to change, which is why I made it the top of the 101 in 1001 list.

I’m a convert. The other day, I got out of bed before M and he didn’t make it. I went upstairs to take a nap and had to make the bed before I could do it. It totally makes a difference, getting into a made bed.

The best part is? Butter has started making his bed every morning. I had no idea that would be one of the side effects of me trying to get my stuff together, but he has a morning routine that now includes making his bed. He even tucks his stuffed animals in. I have to get a picture of it one day.



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  1. I’m a student of Feng Shui, and there are a few books that would tell you of the importance of making your bed in the morning and how that makes a difference in your energy and the way you feel. Very cool that you made the connection that by changing yourself you change those around you!
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  2. I really enjoy your blog. I love how you make observations about seemingly small things and share them with us. As for making the bed, I used to be so hard core about it that one time I didn’t make it, and it bothered me all day while I was at work! Now I leave it to the husband — he’s good at getting that task done, and it does make the room look so much nicer!
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